Gold For Sale

1.89 Ounce (59 Gram) Gold Specimen in Quartz

Buy this beautiful 1.89 Ounce (59 Gram) gold specimen in quartz now. There is a lot of gold showing on the surface and it extends throughout the piece. I have no idea as to the exact amount of gold the specimen contains so I'll split the difference with you for a total cost that makes sense for us both, the current price of one ounce of gold. There may be over an ounce of gold in the piece. I found it with a metal detector at a very old small mine site that takes several hours of hiking to reach from a road. Below you'll find a gold price chart for up to date pricing. 

Due to the number of scammers online I'll only accept payment methods that cannot be reversed or chargedback. That means cash or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. I will only ship to the United States. Email me at and we'll set it up fast and easy. If this listing is here it's still for sale. Listed May 12, 2024.